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Discos and clubs

I started at discos more than 10 years ago, mainly in Bratislava. Started with parties on the Danube, on a ship called Plťka, later renamed to Tanker, today's Pink Whale, were legendary. Later, in the now closed Calabria in Petržalka, near TPD, I also played Latin parties in addition to commercial music. I also enjoyed playing at Masquerade club at a bar downtown on Ventúrska Street. Among others, there were discos such as Club LG in Modra - Harmónia, today's Insomnia Club, university club Unique, oldies disco Luna Bar and many more. Most of other clubs are listed in the References section.

At that time, I was most fascinated by the modern hits genre, often in remix editions, or switching to the genre of electronic music such as house. That's why in my repertoire you will find even today the biggest hits that could make the whole dance floor dance in different musical variants that you won't hear on the radio and can be a pleasant diversion even for private events. Due to the increase in private events, I now focus more on weddings, birthday parties, proms, matriculations and corporate events. However, I'm certainly not against playing in a club sometimes and feeling the unique atmosphere. Do not hesitate to contact me for the possibility of cooperation.

You can find more videos on my youtube.