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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Why don't DJs have a published price list?

This is probably the most common question that pops up in the minds of potential clients. Every wedding, birthday party or corporate event has its own individual characteristics. The approach to pricing is on the basis of several attributes, whether it is the mentioned nature of the event, the length of the event, the start and end time of the event, distance of the place from Bratislava, difficulty of installing the equipment (e.g. a building without an elevator) and also the number of ordered services. The size of the hall and the number of guests will indicate whether additional equipment is needed so that the guests can hear wherever it is needed. For example, an additional speaker is needed during wedding ceremonies. Clients sometimes do not want a sound system, because it is already installed at the venue and they pay for it in the hall rent. On the contrary, sometimes they want additional lighting, a smoke maker, a steam maker, or a bubble maker. It also depends on what day of the week it is. Sunday to Wednesday are definitely less busy days for a DJ than Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And also the month of the year - January is certainly less busy than the summer and autumn months. I try to approach each customer individually and create the best possible price for the highest possible quality of the offered services.

2. What does a professional DJ mean?

There is not a clear answer to this, but it should meet at least most of the following attributes: years of experience, easy-to-find references, high-quality and powerful sound and lighting equipment and wireless microphones. When communicating with the client, he should behave politely, speak grammatically and phonetically correctly, listen to the client's questions, try to adapt to his preferences during a telephone or personal meeting. At the event itself, he should not be afraid to use the microphone, direct the guests with it, moderate the games at weddings, encourage the guests to dance and stir the crowd into fun. He should not take long and frequent breaks and should not drink alcohol unless the client expressly allows him to do so. It should also not end at the event earlier than it is given by the customer or unless otherwise agreed with the customer. He/she should play music that most of the guests and the customer like, not music that only he/she likes.

3. What does quality sound equipment mean?

It may not seem like it, but the power, size and brand of speakers will give you a much better event experience than, for example, smaller speakers from a lesser-known brand. I use a pair of 1000W active speakers of the American brand Electro-Voice ELX115P with more than 90 years of brand history. The integrated 15" bass speakers can add the right atmosphere of bass lines to any event. Remember, you can always turn the volume down, but add more if the speakers can't handle it, you can't. To control the music, I use the proven, world-famous brand Native Instruments and the Traktor S2 console together with the original Traktor Pro software.

4. What does quality lighting equipment mean?

There are only a few brave people who dance on the floor with ordinary ceiling lights and music. Observed over the years, people's nature says that the darker it is (preferably the ceiling lights are completely turned off), the better the dancers dance and even the more shy will come to the dance floor more easily. However, the ceiling lights need to be replaced with something, so various interesting lighting effects from manufacturers are used, among which I can offer you the world-famous brands Showtec, American DJ or Light4Me. For the year 2023, I have added additional effects in the form of a strobe, laser and UV light for an even more luxury experience of your event, and this is included in the price of the basic lighting package.

5. Is there a difference in the quality of music from YouTube compared to the original recording?

Here the answer is simple, YES. Songs played or downloaded from YouTube are mostly in mp3 format with a sampling rate of 128 or 192kbit, which is relatively low. For the maximum quality of reproduced music, it is necessary to have the maximum mp3 compression format, which is 320kbit. You can see that it is 2.5 times more information (data) than a 128kbit recording. Here you will hear all the highs, mids and bass, and the song will seem pleasant to listen to and you will want to hear more and more. Of course, the best quality is in lossless wav format. Here, however, the size of the song reaches more than 40MB, which is four times more than the maximum of the mp3 format. However, the human ear is no longer able to tell the difference between the maximum quality of mp3 and wav for the average listener. Another shortcoming of YouTube is its very nature that it is a video medium that often contains video clips enriched with film passages without music or spoken word. The DJ has to edit the song manually, but it doesn't always go unnoticed. That's why most of my songs are in the highest quality mp3 or wav format. I also recommend that clients send me their tracks in advance so that I only get quality recordings from verified sources and clients get the best experience from their event. Fun Fact: Those DJs who play from original CDs play songs in the highest wav quality.

6. When to book a DJ?

As the saying say, the sooner the better. A DJ can play only one event on a given day, which is why your date may already be booked by someone else, while the surrounding dates may paradoxically be free. You don't give anything for preparing a price offer, and you can check the date and price options. Therefore, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form to book your event. The date is bindingly reserved only after payment of the reservation fee.

7. Do you pay anything in advance?

Yes. The reservation fee is usually paid to a bank account. It serves for a binding reservation of the date and protection of the DJ against the cancellation of the event by the client. Example: if the client were to cancel the event one day, but also one week before the event, and the reservation fee is not paid, it is almost certain that he will not find another event. In the meantime, however, he could refuse other inquiries for several months due to the fact that your event was booked. The reservation fee is not refundable if it is canceled by the client.

8. Can we meet in person before the event? 

Of course! If you are from Bratislava, it is not a problem to arrange a personal meeting at a time that suits you. If you are from another city, we can arrange a phone or video call via WhatsApp, Messenger or FaceTime.

9. How much time do I need to install the equipment/when will I arrive?

I try to include the estimated arrival time in the price offer, as long as the start time is already known. However, it is usually around 1.5 hours before the start of the event, or more if you order additional services from the Extended service package. Sufficient advance arrival is also necessary to test the sound and light technology.

10. What do I need to know about the venue?

For example, is the building without an elevator and the event is located on the second floor, is there a suitable place to park the car near the room for the easiest possible carrying of equipment and at least 2 meters wide table, chair and close proximity to an electrical outlet. If you want to use a smoke machine/low fog, it is necessary to get approval from the venue place (the reason for the disapproval is mostly a reaction to smoke detectors).

11. Is it possible to extend the playing time?

Yes. The end time of the event is always known and agreed in advance, but if the guests are having a good time, it is not a problem to agree on an extension on the spot. The price is mutually agreed on the spot.