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Are You Organizing Prom or Matriculation Ceremony?

Are you organizing a prom or matriculation ceremony? Or are you a student and need to know what program is being done on such a prom or matriculation? Read on.

Celebrating the arrival or departure of students from school is one of the unforgettable experiences for every student or parent. However, it should be kept in mind that this day is organized several months in advance, so that you can be sure that someone will not take away your favorite date or place. The place is usually chosen in close proximity to the school, or one where you already have good references from older years, due to the size of the room or the availability of public transport, or a taxi. It goes without saying that the choice of suitable food - don't forget the alternative diet - and drinks, and whether service is included in the catering and until what time. Next comes the traditional stuff like designing and buying announcements, picking out designed cups with your names and school year, buying ribbons for students and ribbons for teachers, invitations for teachers.

The whole process should be recorded by a good photographer, videographer, and in the evening you should be accompanied by a DJ. The right DJ for a ribbon or matriculation ceremony should have powerful sound equipment, as the number of guests is expected to be greater than 100 and even with a larger hall. Lighting technology should cover the entire floor. Today, many also prefer decorative lighting of the hall and walls, or steam makers, smoke makers or bubble makers to fine-tune the right atmosphere. The DJ will accompany you throughout the evening - whether you will need an extra presenter is questionable due to the unnecessary extra cost. The DJ should also moderate the program. The program is important, so it is advisable to review what should not be missing from it. The head of the class, in agreement with the rest of the class, chooses a song for the start, then the program continues with speeches, slinging, speeches by the director, class teacher, ribboning, singing of the students' anthem Gaudeamus igitur, handing over a bouquet and a speech by the parents' representative. The DJ will introduce the first dance with the parents and then with the teachers. A joint dinner follows, continued by a program prepared by the students (scenes). It is advisable to check the connection of external devices, such as laptops to data projectors, as it often happens that the laptop and the data projector do not have the same inputs and outputs if you would like to project photos or video on the screen.

Then comes the desired moment, when all students, teachers and parents can dance to the greatest hits of all time from the local and foreign scene, the so-called oldies or hits of the current charts. Do not forget the fans of rock and funk or, especially for girls, popular Latin and R&B.

There is still lot to do, so we can go through the entire program either in person, by phone, or by video call, for example via WhatsApp, Messenger, or FaceTime. If you still don't have an exact idea, I can recommend the best from the many years of experience of other satisfied students and their teachers. Your big day is fast approaching, so don't hesitate to contact me and I will prepare a non-binding price offer.

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